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Materials & Manufacturing

Why Linen?

Linen is a natural fibre made from the stalk and root of the flax plant. It is one of the earliest known fabrics and has been around since about 8,000 BC, with evidence that it may have existed for up to 36,000 years! A good linen is far more durable than cotton, and has long been considered a luxury fabric.

Mr. Draper's Linen

The linen used in Mr. Draper products has been responsibly sourced from quality mills in Europe. We currently use two suppliers, Merchant and Mills and Siulas. Both produce the linen we use, in Lithuania. The Lithuanian linen mills are governed by European law, to ensure that staff are paid a fair minimum wage and work in a safe environment.

Why is this Important?

Many other brands will tell you how they use French or European Flax. This just means the flax plant was grown in Europe. In most cases the linen was not actually milled in Europe at all. We think these statements are kind of silly and a bit deceptive. Many of these cheaper linens are produced in more unregulated markets and may contain nasties such as formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a chemical that has been linked to cancer and other illnesses. Some unscrupulous manufacturers use formaldehyde to keep linen wrinkle-free, and as a preservative and anti-fungal agent. If you are unsure where your product has been produced or whether your product has been treated with formaldehyde, then ask the store. If they don't know where their products come from, this should perhaps ring some alarm bells.


We do all the designing and 99% of the manufacturing. After sewing vast quantities of napkins, tea towels and handkerchiefs, we now occasionally outsource some of the sewing – mostly our small items during peak season – to The Social Studio in Collingwood, which fits perfectly with our values of being local, open, transparent, and inclusive. We still make all of our bedding products in-house.

The Other Bits

Cotton thread

All Mr Draper products are sewn with the very highest quality 100% cotton thread, most of which is made by Gutermann and purchased locally in Melbourne.


We try to minimise packaging wherever possible and avoid using plastic. In most cases, your order will ship in recycled cardboard tough bags. We keep it simple, linen is non-breakable and we aren't going to add packaging and padding for no reason.

Smaller Items

We have sourced all smaller items, like zips, packaging and mailers, from Australian businesses, with the majority from Melbourne. We believe in supporting the community that supports us and buy locally wherever possible. We take supply chain transparency seriously and are happy to provide you with information about our sources. Just send us an email.