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We make the best linen bedding and napery for a small group of people who get it.

I’ll be upfront and say, If you don’t know the difference between cotton and linen, then this won’t be for you. If cost is your primary consideration, this won’t work either. I’ll save you some time and you can jump back to Google now

This is not for everyone, and that’s OK.

Still interested? Read on

We don’t spend money on advertising so you’ve likely found us via recommendation (a friend or trusted website). Most of our new customers are referrals. We’re a really small business, located in Newstead, Victoria. We like being small. It gives us freedom to make what we want how we want.

We are building a community that is rejecting the disposable “fast fashion” style homewares that have been polluting our homes and the environment. We are also challenging the way business “should” be run. We don’t believe in endless growth, nor do we believe in getting into a bunch of debt to fund the business. We like being small and largely self-sufficient.

We value functional hardwearing products with timeless style that minimise their ecological impact. We sew to order. Nothing is wasted. Everything we make is repairable or can be repurposed. At the end of their life, these natural fibres can return to the soil. They won’t hang around for the next thousand years.

We don’t wholesale. We value our connection to you. Your feedback makes us better.

Finally and most importantly, we value the relationships we build with our community. Most of our long-term customers are now friends. How many linen brands have caught up for a cuppa in NZ with a customer or swapped baked goods for tea towels? This is how business should be.

Mr. Draper's Linen

Mr. Draper uses the best quality heavy weight linen, sourced directly from Siulas. the oldest mill in Lithuania. There is something to be said for a business that has been around for the last 92 years. They must be doing something right. Our linen is 200GSM. It’s the best balance between softness and durability that we have found. As an EU business, Siulas’s mill is governed by European law, to ensure that staff are paid a fair minimum wage and work in a safe environment. They must also adhere to strict environmental protocols.

Why is this Important?

Many other brands will tell you how they use French or European Flax. This just means the flax plant was grown in Europe. In most cases, the linen was not actually milled in Europe at all, and who knows where it was sewn. We think these statements are silly and a bit deceptive. Would you start a conversation with a lie? We think that good relationships are based on honesty and respect for each other.


We do all the designing and a large portion of the making. After sewing vast quantities of linen, we now occasionally outsource some of the sewing to Siulas, the same mill that turns the flax into linen. This makes sense and reduces the carbon miles associated with the product. Mostly though, Alistair will be sewing your bedding right here in Newstead, Victoria.

The Other Bits

Thread & Consumables

Mr. Draper products are sewn with the highest quality 100% cotton thread which is made by Gutermann in Greece and Germany and purchased locally. We use cotton rather than the usual polyester thread, so if you iron it, it doesn’t melt and break. Simple, right? But as far as I know we are the only ones doing it…


We try to minimise packaging wherever possible and avoid using plastic. In most cases, your order will ship simply in a Better Packaging Co home compostable satchel. We keep it simple. Linen is non-breakable and we aren't going to add padding for no reason. Likewise, we aren’t going to add excess branding and packaging that will just go in the bin. This is all about really good linen. The product speaks for itself.